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Zoom’s latest update will make it obvious if you’re late to a meeting

Zoom hosts and co-hosts will now be able to view the ‘Attendance Status’ on their meetings. (Credits: Zoom)

If you’re the kind of remote worker that rolls out of bed and into Zoom meetings, being late or missing them just got harder.

Managers can now retire the phrase ‘Has everyone joined?’. Zoom’s latest update will allow meeting hosts and co-hosts with Google and Outlook calendar integrations to view who has accepted or declined the meeting invite and see if they’ve joined.

The video conferencing company is rolling out a number of new updates and one of them might finally encourage users to be on time for meetings.

According to a new blog post from Zoom, the new ‘Attendance Status’ feature will make it easier for organisations to streamline the start of their Zoom Meetings by allowing meeting hosts and co-hosts using its Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar integrations to view who has accepted or declined a meeting invite.

The catch is that this new feature also gives them the ability to see whether everyone invited to a meeting has joined. So if you’re someone who tends to slink in a few minutes into a meeting, your boss or manager will be able to notice your absence.

Zoom recently added a new automatic update feature for Windows and macOS that ensures everyone in a meeting is running the latest version of the company’s software. Previously, the automatic update feature was only available for enterprise users.

So, updating your Zoom client will no longer be an excuse to join a meeting late.

Slides, polling and watermarks

In this photo illustration the Zoom app logo can be seen,on a smartphone

Zoom is sending a new update your way (Getty)

In addition to the Attendance Status feature, Zoom is also rolling out other features to help hosts engage with their attendees.

You can now select multiple people to control the movements of slides in a presentation making it easier to deliver joint presentations. 

Zoom has also added more options for creating polls, including ranked responses, matching, short and long answers and fill in the blanks. This makes it easier to get feedback from your team. This feature can also be used for quizzes to create more effective experiences for students, onboarding sessions or other events.

Finally, Zoom is adding additional watermark settings to help organizations and individuals get the most out of their recorded content and. Users can now set the size and placement of watermarks, enable them by default or customise them before starting a meeting.

With threats of new variants of Covid-19 sending people back to their home offices, these new Zoom updates will prove essential to organisations looking to maintain productivity as employees work from home.

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