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World of Warcraft: Classic and Dragonflight getting new content in January

What you need to know

  • World of Warcraft: Classic and World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are both getting new content in January.
  • The former will enjoy Season 6 content, new Raids and Raid Bosses, and much more.
  • The latter is getting the long-awaited Trading Post, new transmog features, and a new Primal Storm event.
  • WoW players can expect this new content starting Jan. 16 for Classic and Jan. 24 for Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft fans are eating well lately with the continued evolution of World of Warcraft: Classic and the recent release of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. On Thursday, Blizzard Entertainment detailed some of the new content players can expect in the coming weeks for both games.

World of Warcraft: Classic is getting new content starting the week of Jan. 16, with additional Emblems and related changes, the beginning of the Argent Tournament, the start of Season 6 in the Arena, and the Titan Rune Dungeons. Starting the week of Jan. 19, players will be able to conquer Ulduar in a brand new Raid packed with Bosses. Finally, the week of Jan. 23 will see the arrival of Emalon the Storm Watcher, a new Boss, in the Vault of Archavon Raid.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s upcoming content drop isn’t nearly as exciting, but it does exactly follow the recent roadmap Blizzard released for the Dragonflight expansion. The 10.0.5 patch update arrives on Jan. 24, and will bring a new Primal Storm event with “The Storm’s Fury,” complete with new loot like a pet or mount. Players will also be able to alter the appearance with new transmog options for White and Grey rarity gear. Finally, Feb. 1 will see the arrival of the Trading Post, where players will be able to complete activities in exchange for currency good for cosmetics like transmog gear, pets, and mounts.

World of Warcraft is better than it has been in years, and continues to get better as the old-is-new-again Classic and the modern Dragonflight versions enjoy fresh content drops over time. For hardcore MMO players, World of Warcraft is shooting for the top of our list of best PC games, whether you’re pushing back the aggressive Primalists or seeking out a confrontation with the mighty Lich King.

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