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Windows 11 is getting a new Network Troubleshooting experience soon

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 build 25276 is now rolling out in the Insider Dev Channel.
  • It features a new Network Troubleshooting experience in the Get Help app.
  • It also includes an updated Task Manager with a new kernel memory dump feature.

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview build for Insiders in the Dev Channel that this week includes an updated version of Task Manager with a new feature for tinkerers, developers, and troubleshooters. The new feature will allow users to create live kernel memory dumps, directly from within the Task Manager app.

In addition to this new capability, the build also introduces a new Network Troubleshooter, which is now found in the Get Help app. This new experiences replaces the older, built-in network troubleshooting experience that you’ve likely seen hundreds of times. Microsoft says this new experience includes “new APIs” that diagnose problems and offers recommendations to get online. 

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Here’s the changelog for this week’s build:

  • We are introducing a set of new developer-focused features in Task Manager to aid the collection of live kernel memory dumps (LKDs). This is in addition to the existing “Memory dump” for user mode processes. The goal of kernel live dump is to gather data to troubleshoot an abnormal situation but allow the OS to continue operation. This reduces downtime when compared to a bug check for “non-fatal” but high-impact failures and hangs. Click here (opens in new tab) for more info on live kernel dumps.
  • In November, we introduced a visual overview of your cloud storage usage in Settings app. As we mentioned here, you will see updates to the Microsoft 365 apps and service data included in your cloud storage. Outlook attachment data will be included in your cloud storage as displayed on the visual with today’s build. This change will gradually roll out starting with a small number of insiders, so not everyone will see it right away. You may see an alert regarding your storage usage; however, it does not impact your storage amount as early as February 1st, 2023. 
  • We have updated the dialog that shows when an app has a known compatibility issue to use the new Windows 11 design.
  • We are temporarily disabling the updated the Windows Security (firewall) notification dialogs that match the Windows 11 visuals that we introduced with Build 25267. We plan to re-introduce this change in a future flight after addressing some bugs.
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25267 and later Pro editions no longer allow a user to connect to a remote share by using guest credentials by default, even if the remote server requests guest credentials. This matches the stronger security of the Enterprise and Education editions that’s been in place since Windows 10, to further improve Windows 11 default security. For more information on this behavior and to configure insecure guest authentication to a third party SMB server device that only supports guest authentication, review this documentation (opens in new tab).
  • Getting disconnected from the internet hurts productivity at work and relaxation at home. To help you get back online we’re replacing the Network Troubleshooter in the OS with a modern Get Help based experience. With new APIs that diagnose problems and offer specific recommendations to get online, the app targets the 30 most common connectivity issues. To use the new experience, you will need Get Help app version 10.2208.2551.0 or greater.
  • Fixed an issue where switching windows through taskbar previews wasn’t working.
  • Fixed multiple explorer.exe crashes affecting the system tray.
  • When opening a flyout from the taskbar, pressing the Esc key to close the flyout should now return keyboard focus to the button it was invoked from.
  • We fixed the layout issues with the text in the search box on taskbar when using right-to-left display languages like Arabic.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected search style in Taskbar Settings wasn’t persisting across updates. This setting should persist now on subsequent Insider Preview build upgrades.
  • Fixed an explorer.exe crash which could happen when opening File Explorer, related to loading your recent files.
  • Voice access will now work correctly for entering numbers in the Calculator app.
  • Fixed a crash when giving move left and right commands with voice access.
  • Fixed an issue where the “insert text” button wasn’t working when using the Pinyin IME in double pinyin mode.
  • To improve clarity, when Windows Defender Credential Guard (opens in new tab) is enabled, when attempting to use remote desktop with default credentials, it will now explicitly say “Windows Defender Credential Guard does not allow using Windows logon credentials. Please enter your credentials”.
  • Fixed an issue where the widgets board will get stuck open in an invisible state for Insiders in China (and potentially others), causing clicks on the left side of the screen to not work. If you’re continuing to experience this, please make sure to check the Microsoft Store for the latest app updates.
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