Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Home Tech News Walmart makes InHome direct-to-fridge deliveries an optional perk of Walmart Plus

Walmart makes InHome direct-to-fridge deliveries an optional perk of Walmart Plus

Walmart is making its InHome delivery service available to Walmart Plus subscribers for an extra $7 per month or $40 per year. The service, which brings groceries and other goods from your local Walmart to the inside of your home, was previously available as a separate subscription costing $19.95 per month or $148 per year.

InHome’s new $138 annual price is $10 less when compared to the previous annual pricing of InHome alone and also comes with the perks of a Plus membership. Of course, this doesn’t count the added fees associated with purchasing a compatible $49.95 Level smart lock, $49.95 Genie automatic garage door opener, or garage keypad (if you don’t have one already) that delivery drivers will use to open your front door or garage.

Amazon launched a similar service in 2017 called Amazon Key. Like InHome, Amazon Key enables delivery drivers to go inside your home — or your garage — to drop off deliveries and requires the purchase of a smart lock or garage door opener. Amazon also added an additional perk to its Prime subscription earlier today and will now give members in the US a free GrubHub Plus subscription for one year.

While new Walmart plus subscribers will get the option of choosing a Plus plan that includes InHome delivery, existing Plus members can opt to upgrade their subscription to gain access to the service. Without InHome delivery, the Plus plan costs $12.95 / month or $98 / year. It offers a variety of perks other than priority access to hard-to-get electronics, including free shipping and grocery deliveries, a discount on gas, as well as scan-and-go shopping.

In addition to introducing the new plan, Walmart announced that it’s expanding its InHome service to more cities, including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose, and San Francisco, a move Walmart says almost doubles its service range. The company first introduced InHome delivery in 2019 and plans to reach 30 million households by the end of this year. To support the expansion, Walmart said in January that it will hire 3,000 additional delivery drivers and develop an all-electric fleet of delivery vehicles, some of which it already ordered from GM’s BrightDrop.

“InHome has one of the highest customer experience ratings in the business, and now we’ve made it even easier to access in even more locations as we grow to reach over 30 million households by the end of the year,” Whitney Pegden, the vice president and general manager of InHome, said in a statement.

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