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The best deals you can still get on Google devices

Google is holding onto most of its deals from Black Friday, and there’s a lot to like if you’re in the market for a Pixel, Chromecast, or Nest device. The search giant kicked off the deals in the Google Store early, and now many of the big-name retailers are offering equivalent deals on the same items. Google even advertises these deals as running until December 1st, a few days after Cyber Monday.

There are still many great Black Friday deals that are live in addition to our retailer-specific roundups for sales at Target, Amazon, and Walmart. If you’re starved for ideas on what to shop for, we also have a variety of gift guides for you to check out.

In the meantime, we have highlighted all the worthwhile Google deals below — such as $50 off the budget-friendly Pixel 5A, $40 off the excellent Nest Audio, and the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle for just $22. Check out all there is on offer directly from Google and other retailers.

Pixel deals

  • The Pixel 5A is the latest midrange phone from Google, released in the summer before the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro started to mix things up. It doesn’t offer Google’s custom-designed processor like the Pixel 6, but its Snapdragon 765G chip, IP67 rating, and friendly price tag give this “boring” phone ample performance. Google dropped the Pixel 5A down to just $399 for Black Friday, offering a strong value proposition with that $50 discount. Read our review.

Chromecast deals

  • Google’s latest streaming stick, the Chromecast with Google TV, comes with a handy remote and is now $10 off at Google, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. It makes for a solid streaming option at just $40 and is one of our favorites. Read our review.
  • Even the basic Chromecast, which is a little older, is $10 off at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Google. It’s still a solid option at $20, but if you can afford to spend more, we strongly advise springing for the newer model with Google TV.

Nest displays and speakers deals

  • Google’s second-gen Nest Hub, one of the best cloud-connected digital photo frames you can buy, is half off at Google, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Even if the second-gen model isn’t the biggest upgrade over the original, for just $50, this smart speaker and its seven-inch display offer a lot for your connected home. Read our review.
  • If you prefer to supersize all the displays in your life, you can get the Nest Hub Max for $50 off at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Google. This brings the smart speaker with a 10-inch display down to $179. Sure, that’s a lot more than the cost of its smaller sibling, but the larger size really helps with readability and sound quality. Read our review.
  • The Google Nest Audio is one of the more recent additions to Google’s line of smart home devices, and for $60, we cannot recommend it enough. This diminutive speaker — which is on sale right now for $40 off at Google, Target, and Best Buy — produces bigger sound than you might think. At its current price, you could pick up two and pair them in stereo, giving you room-filling sound for $20 more than the normal price of a single unit. Read our review.
  • Need a simple smart speaker for listening to music and controlling your home? The minuscule Nest Mini is currently $24 off at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, bringing the price down to just $25. It’s one of the easiest ways to add Google Assistant to your home, comes in a variety of fun colors, and sounds much better than the Google Home Mini that came before it. Read our review.

Nest smart home deals

  • The latest iteration of Google’s battery-powered Nest Doorbell is $50 off at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. At $130, the Nest Doorbell is a solid option if you prefer not to futz around with hardwiring, and it comes in an array of muted colors so you can best match the exterior of your home. Read our review.
  • Google’s older Nest Doorbell, which does require hardwiring, is $80 off at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, dropping the price to $149. This option may be worthwhile if you prefer a smart video doorbell that is always powered and doesn’t require you to charge it. We do expect a new model in 2022, but this is a great price on a long-standing product from Google.
  • The new battery-powered Google Nest Cam that can be indoors or outdoors is $30 off at Google, Best Buy, and Target. This drops the price to $150 during the shopping holiday, making the Nest Cam a little more appealing. In our review, we mentioned how we were left a little disappointed by the video quality but praised the camera’s handsome robot-like design, which should fit well in any home.

If you’re looking to cover multiple angles of your home, inside or out, you can also stack up extra savings on the Nest Cam at the Google Store. Right now, you can buy a two-pack for $50 off ($280 total) or a four-pack for $100 off ($560 total).

  • Possibly the most appealing, and certainly most unique, Nest Cam is the new outdoor wired model with a floodlight. You can get this brightly illuminated one for $50 off at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. For $230, you get a camera with built-in lighting and battery backup. Read our review.
  • The newer, entry-level Nest Thermostat from Google offers a clean design and simple controls. For Black Friday, you can get one for just $90 ($40 off) at Amazon and Walmart. Google, Best Buy, and Target have it for $100, which was the best price until the others cut them by $10 more. This is the most affordable way to get a smart thermostat from Google’s Nest line, outside of getting one through your electrical company. Read our review.
  • The latest generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat, the model that automatically learns your habits and helped kick-start the smart thermostat craze, is $70 off for Black Friday at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. If you want one of the most robust thermostats around, $179 is about as good as it gets. And if you have a larger house or building that requires multiple thermostats, you can get a two-pack for $150 off from Google.
  • Switching to the safer side of things, a three-pack of Nest Protect smart smoke alarms is $28 off at Google. They feature built-in carbon monoxide detectors and can be purchased as wired or battery-powered units for the same $329 price tag.

Nest Wifi deals

  • Google’s much-improved Nest Wifi router and point are $90 off at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, bringing them down to just $179. This includes the router and one mesh point, letting you extend the signal and tailor it to your own space or home layout. If you only need the router or an extra mesh point to add to your existing model, both can be had from Google for $30 off. And for much larger homes, Google is also offering $100 off a Nest router with two points, dropping the price to $249. Read our review.

Stadia deals

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