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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023: Best accessories and cases for Samsung’s new phone

Boost your smartphone experience (Picture: Getty/Amazon/Metro.co.uk)

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Samsung is a master of raising hype, and it’s gone all out to promote its Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event craftily.

We haven’t had too much information to go on – although a pair of sleek trailers are guaranteed to get tech enthusiasts excited – but now we know officially that the event will happen on February 1.

That date is expected to see the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S23, along with ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’ variants of the phone.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 is likely to have a lot in common with its immediate predecessor, while pushing its hardware to new levels (look out for improved camera functions, much lauded in the trailers).

To make the most of the new phones, you’re going to need some accessories – but fear not, as we’ve plunged into the vast and intimidating world of tech extras and rounded up those most likely to boost your new phone experience.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Case

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Case

Protects your phone while looking classy (Picture: Amazon)

First thing’s first, you’re going to want your phone to look great. And this leather protective case both looks classy and elegant, and can stop your phone getting scratched and damaged.

The case fits all the phones in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 range, so you can keep hold of it if you change model!

Buy it for £29.99 from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Earphones

Look cool, sound good (Picture: Amazon)

These are the low-key one of the best products Samsung can offer its faithful users. They combine sound quality capable of immense clarity and depth with a sleek, ergonomic design.

They’re also very well insulated, so your motivational heavy metal tastes won’t be broadcast around tube carriages when you’re out and about.

Buy them for £173 from Amazon.

Lexon Mino+ Speaker

Lexon Speaker

Small but reliably mighty (Picture: Amazon)

Of course, you might actually want to project your music tastes. If so, we recommend the small but mighty Lexon Mino+.

You can easily pop it on a coffee table or other surface and be sure it’s loud enough to unleash crisp funky beats and power your party.

Buy it from Amazon for £32.32.

Samsung 9W Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung 9W Wireless Charger Duo

Never be free of charge (Picture: Amazon)

There’s not much glamour in the world of phone chargers, but there is scope for serious efficiency and by that measure, this charger is hard to beat.

For one thing it can charge two devices at the same time – and it’s powerful enough not to require the removal of cases or protection with each charge.

Plus, as a neat little extra, its charging lights can be dimmed so as not to disturb your precious beauty sleep.

Buy it for £43.80 from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Smart Watch

Samsung Smart Watch

Keep fit while staying smart (Picture: Amazon)

One of things you might fancy using your Charger Duo to power up is your swishy new Samsung watch.

This particular model does everything you’d reasonably expect from a good smart fit watch – including forensic health and fitness tracking, and careful sleep monitoring – but it also provides some curious extras.

For example, it generates fun challenge exercises and uses live message boards to allow you to compete with friends and family!

Buy it for £159.99 from Amazon.

Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand for Smartphones

Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand for Smartphones

Don’t shatter your phone dreams (Picture: Amazon)

There’s nothing worse than spending a small fortune on a new phone only to perch it on a surface and then watch in horror as it falls to the ground and its screen shatters.

This handy little device will put your mind at ease by securing your phone in position, allowing you to take photos of yourself and groups easily, as well as letting you watch videos without the faff of holding up your phone for their duration.

Buy it for £19.97 from Amazon.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Mount

Stay on track (Picture: Amazon)

Keeping your phone nicely mounted around the house is one thing, but you’ll probably want another holder for your car, and this accessory will provide just that, allowing you to check your phone for directions while it charges.

It attaches to both your car’s CD slot and its air vent, using a mechanism that is, according to one Amazon review, ‘ridiculously sturdy’.

Buy it for £49.99 from Amazon.

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