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Salesforce goes all-in with Slack

Salesforce is now fully leveraging Slack, the communication platform it acquired for $27.7 billion last year, by integrating it with Salesforce products.

Slack is now a part of a majority of Salesforce’s product portfolio. Newly integrated services include Commerce, Experience, Platform, Trailhead, MuleSoft and Quip.

Salesforce has bolstered Slack’s functionality as well. New to the product is Clips, a feature that allows users to easily snip and share videos and screen recordings. It has also introduced GovSlack, a version of Slack that complies with the stringent privacy and security requirements of the U.S. government and its agencies.

“Building your digital HQ means thinking carefully about the digital infrastructure that connects everyone in your business, helping them find new ways to innovate, collaborate and stay connected,” said Stewart Butterfield, chief executive officer of Slack. “This is a once in a generation opportunity for every company to reinvent themselves and make work more flexible, inclusive and productive. There could not be a more exciting time for Salesforce and Slack to come together to help every company find success in this new digital-first world.”

In total, Salesforce announced 16 new integrations and three new Slack features:

Slack-First Sales: Sales representatives will be able to access, update, and share Salesforce records directly in Slack to keep teams informed on account updates.

Slack-First Service: New expert finder function allows teams to connect with experts from other teams to resolve customer issues.

Slack-First Marketing: Agency partners and marketing teams can now collaborate in a shared digital workspace with integrated Einstein recommendations to collaborate on a single shared view of the customer.

Slack-First Commerce: Slack-First Commerce, a tool to identify commerce trends, gets new alert capabilities that help the team to adapt to the trends and resolve issues.

Slack-First Digital Experiences: Slack-First Digital Experience gains new CMS integrations that alert internal and external teams when new content is published.

Slack-First Platform: Slack-First Platform, a low-code developer platform, gets new capabilities that allow teams to create end-to-end workflows.

Slack-First Trailhead: With the new Trailhead for Slack app, employees
can work and learn in a single environment in Slack with AI-powered recommendations.

Slack-First Analytics: New Einstein analytics capabilities enable teams to make AI-powered predictions, and provides notifications help teams stay up-to-date on relevant data and trends.

Slack-First MuleSoft: New capabilities allow users to connect multiple apps and data to Slack with clicks, not code, and include automated alerts in their workflows.

Slack-First Quip: New Quip feature allows sales teams to embed Quip documents directly into Slack, enabling easier collaboration and faster deal execution.

Slack streamlines workflows to transform industries:

Slack-First Sustainability: Slack-First Sustainability’s automated workflows and secure questionnaires in Slack Connect allow companies to accelerate their plans to reach net-zero carbon emission milestones.

Slack-First Banking: New capabilities let bankers create, share, and collaborate on account details in a single Slack channel.

Slack-First Healthcare and Life Sciences: Slack-First Healthcare and Life Sciences lets teams share knowledge with dedicated onboarding channels, bots, and alerts.

Slack-first Philanthropy: Employees can now donate, volunteer, and share information about their activity with their colleagues directly in Slack.

Slack-First Nonprofit: Slack-First Nonprofit lets organizations collaborate over a single platform. It now also allows case managers to integrate internal and external partners into Slack to streamline communication on client cases, and provide daily digests to help update client progress.

Slack-First Education: Connects faculty, staff, and students to help them stay on track. The Success Alerts App for Slack allows faculty to notify advisors of student concerns.

Clips: Clips reduces the need for lengthy meetings and enhance asynchronous collaboration.
With clips, users can share video and audio content in channels and watch them on their own time. It also provides searchable transcriptions.

Slack Connect: Slack Connect now allows customers to connect with partners who aren’t existing Slack users, giving customers the ability to sponsor channels with external partners.

GovSlack: A version of Slack with advanced security and compliance features, designed for government agencies.

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