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Regina mayor wants fellow councillor removed from community safety board

Regina’s mayor wants a redo.

On Wednesday at the city’s first council meeting of the year, Mayor Sandra Masters will put forth a motion calling on council to reconsider councillor Dan LeBlanc’s appointment to the board of directors for the city’s inaugural community safety and well being organization.

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The “Reconsideration Motion” signed by the mayor references a procedure bylaw that reads, “a majority of council may vote to reconsider a decision taken at a previous meeting provided that the member seeking reconsideration has given the appropriate notice of their intent.”

Reconsider motion prepared by Mayor Masters.

City of Regina

Masters reasoning for wanting LeBlanc removed is not stated within the reconsideration motion.

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Masters and LeBlanc’s relationship has been strained as of late.

The mayor was notably outspoken late last year when LeBlanc filed a lawsuit on behalf of fellow councillor Andrew Stevens against city manager Nikki Anderson.

The lawsuit was centered around LeBlanc and Stevens’ belief that Anderson withheld estimates for funding to end homelessness in the city’s proposed budget.

Masters called the lawsuit disgusting and claimed it contained tones of sexism.

Click to play video: 'Regina court hears dispute regarding city motion to help unhoused population'

Regina court hears dispute regarding city motion to help unhoused population

At the council meeting on September 14, 2022, LeBlanc was appointed to serve on the inaugural board of directors for Community and Social Impact Regina.

Community and Social Impact Regina is an external non-profit organization that stems from the city’s community and safety well being plan.

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The plan was approved by council in 2021 and, according to the city, “outlines a multi-year strategy to improve safety and well-being for Regina residents by addressing a number of pressure points and social issues.”

Council set aside $875,000 in the city’s 2022 budget for the plan, which started with the creation of an external non-profit to lead implementation.

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Minutes from the September 14 meeting show Masters along with the rest of council unanimously voting for LeBlanc to be the city council representative on the Community and Social Impact Regina board of directors.

But now, Masters has had a change of heart and is hoping the majority of council will, as well.

Masters’ motion calls for council to reconsider LeBlanc’s appointment and to appoint a different council member to serve out the remainder of LeBlanc’s term on the board, which goes to December 31, 2023.

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