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Pinterest debuts QVC-like Pinterest TV: Where to watch it and how it works

(Pocket-lint) – Pinterest is introducing a new QVC-like home shopping feature just in time for the holiday season: Pinterest TV.

What is Pinterest TV?

Pinterest TV is a new series of live shows starring top creators who highlight products for other users to purchase. Creators can show off and link to products during their shows, as well as offer discounts. You can then view, select, and buy the product from a retailer’s site. It’s a lot like QVC in the US – an at-home shopping network/channel. However, Pinterest TV is limited to users of the Pinterest mobile app, and all buying happens off the platform.

When do Pinterest TV episodes air?

Pinterest TV show episodes air Monday through Friday at 6pm ET in the US.

Which shows does Pinterest TV offer?

Pinterest TV shows cover a range of different topics, such as fashion, beauty, and home. Here’s are some of the shows announced so far:

  • Christian On: Stars fashion designer Christian Siriano replicating the most popular fashion searches on Pinterest.
  • Unfail My: Monica Suriyage and food creators from Pinterest will help rescue failed holiday dishes.
  • Tom Tries: Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley spends time each week learning new skills from grandmas and grandpas.
  • Manny Does: Beauty entrepreneur Manny MUA answers the most common holiday beauty questions in this weekly series.
  • Buy This: Comedian Robyn Schall – with Pinterest creators – will show how products look and feel in real time.

How does Pinterest TV work?

Pinterest TV show episodes air each weekday and are recorded and available for users to watch on-demand through Pinterest directly.

Find Pinterest TV

To get started using Pinterest TV, you need to find it first. Open the latest version of the Pinterest app, and click the TV icon in the corner. That’s it!

Pinterest also has a desktop version of Pinterest TV you can access here.

Watch and interact

While watching live-streamed episodes, you are able to interact with hosts and ask questions via a chat interface.

Shop and get discounts

Pinterest TV hosts are allowed to enable shopping experiences during their shows, including a “product drawer” that highlights prices, product details, inventory, and limited-time-offer discounts. Each Friday, you will be offered discounts on top brands such as Patagonia and Mented.

When will Pinterest TV be available?

Pinterest TV will be available in the US for iOS users of the Pinterest mobile app starting 8 November 2021.

Want to know more?

Check out Pinterest’s announcement blog post for more details.

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