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Pearson and Canadian edtech partner to level up digital math support across Canadian schools 

Educational publisher Pearson Canada and Canadian edtech vendor Knowledgehook have announced a partnership designed to provide digital support for teachers and students to improve mathematics education in Canada.

Knowledgehook offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that connects a child’s in-school education to their at-home learning, providing real-time insights and remediation tools to teachers on student learning gaps. The edtech’s collaboration with Pearson Canada will allow users of Pearson’s Mathology.ca, a classroom resource designed to help teachers in Canada support their students (grades three to six ) on their math journey and make it fun, to gain access to integrated Knowledgehook activities from within specific lessons. 

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a revolution in the world of education, accelerating the uptake of blended learning approaches among educators and students around the globe, giving rise to a new teaching style that combines traditional and digital learning models. The two companies say they credit this collaboration to a mutual exploration of these blended learning approaches, and to opportunities that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on teachers and students. 

The combination of the two resources means students will be able to interact with mathematics through games and activities housed within Knowledgehook’s proprietary instructional guidance system. In addition, it will grant educators access to complementary curriculum-aligned digital products. Mathology’s comprehensive plans, assessment tools, and student lessons, as well as interactive Knowledgehook activities and its underlying instructional guidance system, will, together, help teachers assess student progress and assign relevant, engaging next steps, the two companies explained. 

“This partnership presents the future of classrooms around the world. Knowledgehook has built a suite of resources for teachers and students that transform the blended learning environment” said Bruce Rodrigues, former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, Knowledgehook advisory board member, and former chief executive officer of the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), in a press release. “Knowledgehook really brings content to life and this Pearson integration will enable more teachers and students in Canada to benefit”.

After launching across Canada, Knowledgehook has been steadily building its presence around the world, in the U.K., Australia, and recently in Mexico. 


Canadian edtech company supports Mexican students on their math journey

“Through the collaboration with Pearson, we will be able to reach more math teachers who are searching for innovative, efficient ways to support not only their own learning but also their students’ learning,” said Qamar Qureshi, president and chief business officer of Knowledgehook.

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