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Meet New Brunswick’s cardboard kid: ‘Boxes are not safe in our house’

A crafty kid in Riverview, N.B., who dreams of becoming a kindergarten teacher, is wowing people with her cardboard creations.

“If I see a box, I want to do something with it,” said nine-year-old Cailin Jensen, who spends much of her time away from technology, creating elaborate crafts out of old cardboard boxes she finds around the house.

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“Electronics hurt my head sometimes when I go on it for a long time. I prefer doing this,” said Cailin, who’s made dozens of elaborate obstacle courses and houses for her hamsters. She has made coffee makers, a stuffed animal vending machine and an ice cream stand.

“Boxes are not safe in our house,” said her mother, Cathy Jensen, who has been posting her creations to social media.

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While many kids her age are busy playing on their phones, Cailin uses her problem-solving mind to use old pen springs to make levers and to fasten spray pumps on her cans of “whipped cream”

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Her mom’s social media posts are resonating with parents who are thrilled to see a kid in 2023 play old school — a kid who clearly has a mind for engineering.

Her mom says she gets messages from folks saying, “‘Keep posting, these are so fun, it is nice to see kids not on their phones.’ I get a lot of feedback, it is fun.”

Now with creativity often comes sacrifice .

“It’s messy but it is nice to see her brain unleash a little bit through cardboard,” said her mom.

Cailin may have a mind for engineering, but she said she wants to be an art and kindergarten teacher someday.

“I think if I am a teacher when I am older and I do stuff like this, the people in my class will be happy,” Cailin said.


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