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London-based on-demand laundry platform LaundryHeap commits £2.5M for e-bike fleet rollout

London-based Laundryheap is one of the world’s leading on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services. It has announced that it will invest £2.5 million to add an additional 200 e-cargo bikes to its fleet, thereby radically expanding its ability to provide UK customers with a faster and more eco-friendly delivery service.

Among biggest e-cargo bike fleets in the UK

With this investment, Laundryheap will oversee one of the biggest e-cargo bike fleets in the UK. The announcement comes as cities across the UK step up their efforts to reduce emissions from cars and vans. This includes the extension of the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which was announced this week.

The 200 “EAV2Cubed” e-cargo bikes, which will be provided by leading supplier EAV, will power greener pick-ups and drop-ups across Laundryheap’s UK network, which includes Birmingham, Coventry, London, Manchester.

Founder of Laundryheap, Deayn Dimitrov commented: “We first trialled the EAV2Cubed last year and it’s been a tremendous success for us. The operational efficiency of an eCargo bike in comparison to a van has become really easy to see and work with. Our EAV’s can move around cities almost twice as fast as vans and the fact that they make almost no environmental impact whatsoever gives us a much more carbon neutral status as a business.”

Leo Bethell, Head of Business Partnerships at EAV, commented: “Companies like LaundryHeap are perfect partners for us. They have environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations, but they need the highest levels of efficiency and performance to achieve their business objectives. Using eCargo bikes in urban environments is much more efficient and effective than vans, combustion engine or electric. We’re lighter and quicker and easier to operate. The fact that LaundryHeap has placed such a substantial order shows their commitment to the future of city and town transport and their business which is going from strength to strength.”

Growth amidst pandemic

Founded by Deyan Dimitrov in 2014, LaundryHeap offers direct-to-door laundry and dry-cleaning services to consumer and business customers, including many city-based major brands. The platform allows users to have their laundry collected, washed, ironed, and returned to them in a guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours.

The rollout follows a 300 percent increase in demand for Laundryheap’s services, partly driven by their pandemic offering of a ‘virus wash’ which has carried on into the post-pandemic urban business-scape, as well as their focus on green cleaning techniques. Laundryheap is now focusing on creating a high sustainability UK supply chain as well as deploying low-carbon transport with the roll-out of the e-bikes.

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