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Introducing the UKTN Podcast

UKTN is excited to announce it has launched a new podcast that explores the business journeys of some of the UK’s most influential tech founders.

Hosted by Mark McDonagh, the UKTN Podcast is a weekly candid interview that takes listeners through the experiences of entrepreneurs as they recall the trials and tribulations of turning an idea into a successful business.

Each episode features a new guest to discuss the ins and outs of creating and running a tech business: from raising crucial funding to launching a viral marketing campaign, to making that important first hire and overcoming sales challenges.

The UKTN Podcast doesn’t just ask founders what they did – but how they did it.

Guests hail from a range of technology sectors including fintech, ecommerce, insurtech, cybersecurity and more.

McDonagh brings his own experience as a tech entrepreneur to the hosting role, along with experience interviewing more than 3,000 founders while running the popular podcast series The Startup Van.

UKTN has been shining a light on UK tech startups, scaleups and beyond since 2017,” said McDonagh. “I felt the only thing missing was hearing from the founders themselves in an in-depth but conversational interview format.

“The podcast allows entrepreneurs to openly discuss how they’ve achieved success in scaling, funding and marketing their companies, along with the many failures they’ve gone through on the way.”

The UKTN Podcast is made possible thanks to sponsor Uncapped, which provides no-equity investments from £10,000 to £5m to the founders and companies who are changing the world.

UKTN are huge advocates of the UK tech community, and they’ve got an amazing group of founders lined up to speak to as part of their new podcast,” said Asher Ismail, co-founder, Uncapped. “This podcast celebrates and supports the UK tech community by encouraging founders to share their experiences and helping to light the way for others.”

Asher Ismail, co-founder, Uncapped.

Ismail added: “I’m really looking forward to getting a behind-the-scenes view of some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses. Listening to podcasts gives me different perspectives on tackling the challenges involved in growing a business, and I also take comfort in knowing that most other founders are going through the same thing as me.”

New episodes of the UKTN Podcast will be published every Tuesday. Sign up to our podcast newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a single episode.

You can listen to the first episode of the UKTN Podcast now, featuring Flash Pack co-founder and CEO Radha Vyas.

Vyas shares how she was able to grow her online solo adventure planning business to a turnover of over £20m in just three years – before Covid hit and she was forced to rebuild the business from administration.

You can listen to all episodes of the UKTN Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more here.

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