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How to find Rococo the Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy

The wizarding world extends far beyond the walls of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy. Both inside and outside of the titular school, your custom witch or wizard will meet dozens of characters, many of which have optional sidequests that you can help them out with. One such quest, titled “Rescuing Rococo,” is especially difficult. While the goal of finding the lost Niffler Rococo may seem straightforward, this quest features many tricky puzzles to trip you up. To make sure this little Niffler makes it back home safe, here’s how to find Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to complete the Rescuing Rococo quest

Before you can begin the “Rescuing Rococo” quest, you need to meet a few requirements first. Primarily, you need to complete “The High Keep” quest and unlock your Hippogriff mount. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can trigger the quest by heading to Bainburgh and speaking to a merchant named Agnes Coffey.

The first step of the quest will be to head to Henrnietta’s Hideaway in the southern part of Bainburgh called Manor Cape. Upon arriving, you will be faced with a small troop of Ashwinders you will need to take out. Engage them in any way you see fit before entering the underground section via the staircase next to the Merlin Trial.

How to solve the first block puzzle

The first room you enter in Henrietta’s Hideaway will present you will a block puzzle to solve. This is similar to other block puzzles you may have encountered, where you need to place the correct blocks on different platforms and cast the right spell on them.

One cube is right out in the open and an ice symbol on it. Move it over to the platform with the icicle on it and cast Glacius on it to activate it.

The other cube isn’t as accessible. To reveal it, you need to use a fire spell to light a small bowl in front of a statue on the left side of the room. Once lit, you will be able to move the block to the platform with the flame icon and cast either Confringo or Incendio on it. With both blocks activated, the doors will open.

How to pass the shifting floor trap

The next room has some more enemies to clear, but the real trouble is a trap on the second floor that teleports you away if you attempt to cross it. Cast Revelio to highlight the section of floor that is booby-trapped to keep from triggering it, and hit it with an Arresto Momentum spell to make it safe to cross.

How to solve the second block puzzle

A wizard targeting a block on a balcony.

This last room has one final block puzzle to solve. This time both cubes you need are hidden, but it’s solved just the same as before.

The first block is up on a ledge to the left side of the room, and it can simply be targeted with Accio to move it onto the platform with the feather icon. To activate the cube, you need to cast Levioso on it.

To find the second cube, head through the doorway on the right side of the room and step on a pedestal that will teleport you to a new room with the block. Pick it up with Wingardium Leviosa and head up the staircase that will take you back to the main chamber. Place it on the fire platform, cast Confringo or Incendio on it, and the final door will open.

Grab all the loot, but don’t forget to use your Nab-Sack on Rococo, of course, and exit the dungeon. When you return to Agnes, you will have a few options. You can return Rococo as promised, ask for a reward in exchange for the Niffler, or opt to keep it for yourself. No matter which you choose, the quest will conclude and reward you with XP and the Niffler Fur-Lined Hat gear item.

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