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Halo Infinite: 343i shares beta feedback, promises post-launch changes

Source: Xbox Game Studios

In a new “Outcomes” blog post, developer 343 Industries has shared the feedback it collected from players during the second Halo Infinite beta multiplayer test that recently occurred in September. Though the response to the preview build of the game was overwhelmingly positive, there were some concerns that players voiced during and after the test flight’s conclusion.

In terms of accessibility, many fans expressed the desire for an auto-sprint option, more color controls and a colorblind mode, and HUD customization options. On the live service side of things, there’s also significant demand for improvements to Double XP Boosts that pause their timers between matches. Many fans also want a “career” ranking system outside of Halo Infinite Battle Pass ranks.

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Many people also said that they didn’t like how long it took for heavier vehicles to spawn in Big Team Battle, and also wanted classic Halo announcer Jeff Steitzer to be audible during Big Team Battle matches. There was also a lot of split feedback about aiming, with some enjoying the process of aiming and others expressing frustration at how difficult and uncomfortable it felt for them. In terms of Halo Infinite weapon balancing, many felt that the Plasma Pistol was too weak and that both the VK78 Commando and MK50 Sidekick could be frustrating to use due to aggressive “bloom,” which is a feature that activates randomized bullet spread when players don’t pace their shots.

In most cases, the developers have committed to making changes to the game based on this feedback, though the developers have also “stuck to their guns” in some cases as well. In general, the studio agrees with players about missing features like UI customization and additional accessibility options, but plans to wait and see how Halo Infinite plays at launch before committing to serious balance changes. Most of the changes that the studio is planning to make will come after Halo Infinite’s Dec. 8, 2021 launch. I recommend reading through the blog post in full for all the details.

Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows PCs. The multiplayer is free-to-play, although the Halo Infinite campaign will cost $60. Notably, Halo Infinite preorders are available now, so you can purchase your copy of the campaign ahead of the game’s upcoming launch.

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