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GTA 6 gameplay leaks online in over 90 videos of early footage (Updated)

What you need to know

  • The first alleged footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game has leaked online, with over 90 videos showcasing its engine, gameplay, and more from an early development build.
  • The historic leak provides a glimpse into GTA 6 development, confirming prior reports of the series’ first female protagonist and a Vice City setting.
  • The leak is the result of a hack. The hacker is attempting to sell the stolen code and gameplay back to Rockstar for “no less than five figures,” according to reports.

Update (00:05 CEST, Sept 19, 2022)

The plot thickens over this major GTA6 leak, which has seen dozens of videos spill out into social media, YouTube, and now even the deep web. 

It seems that the leak is the result of a hack / social engineering by a sole actor, who is now ransoming GTA5 source code and other Take Two property for “no less than 5 figures,” according to reports from Telegram. Take Two has also started issuing DMCA copyright claims against users who share the stolen content. 

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As a further development, a user was seemingly scammed out of $100K USD worth of Bitcoin purchasing a false repository of the GTA code. The original hacker confirmed that nothing had been put up for sale yet, meaning that the purchaser likely just lost their money. 

The hacker’s original Telegram feed also appears to have been deleted. Take Two’s involvement will undoubtedly lead to charges if the hacker is caught, owing to the unauthorized access and the purported attempts to blackmail the company in exchange for a return of the code. 

If GTA5’s source code leaked, it would lead to an unprecedented compromise in security for users playing GTA Online and potentially other Rockstar Games, leading to cheats and perhaps worse.

Original article (Sept 19, 2022)

The next entry in Grand Theft Auto franchise remains shrouded in mystery, and beyond a brief confirmation from Rockstar Games, we know almost nothing about the project. The title, informally known as GTA 6, will mark the first mainline game since 2013’s GTA V, having racked up a record-breaking 170 million sales to date.

We might be witnessing our first GTA 6 leak, with a historic dump of media surfacing online, featuring hours of footage from a pre-release build. Over 90 videos are now circulating from the project, as reported by PC Gamer, showcasing its engine, planned setting, and early iterations of gameplay.

The leaked footage closely aligns with what Bloomberg reported back in July, with plans for the game’s first female protagonist as one part of a criminal duo. The narrative, set to draw inspiration from the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, also reportedly aims to retain the franchise’s satirical themes while crafting a more inclusive tone.

The alleged GTA 6 footage comes via GTA Forums user “tepotuberhacker,” posting various snippets of its open world in action from what appears to be an early development build. Footage making the rounds features our two protagonists, including a Latina woman named Lucia. The build also alludes to a Vice City setting, suggesting a revival of the Miami-inspired locale from 2002’s GTA Vice City.

The over 90 videos also provide an extended look at robberies, NPC interactions, vehicles, and more from its sprawling sandbox. The footage appears to be from builds at least a couple of years old, suggesting development has been underway in tandem with recent years of GTA V content updates.

It’s a historic leak from a notoriously tight-lipped developer, providing our first glimpse at one of the most anticipated titles of this decade. Rockstar Games parent Take-Two Interactive has high hopes for GTA 6, in what CEO Strauss Zelnick stated would “set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and for all entertainment.”

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