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Furious backlash against AI app allowing users to ‘chat’ with Hitler and Jimmy Savile

Historical figures is a chat app that lets you ‘speak’ to people from history (Picture: App Store)

AI chatbots are having a moment, but one app might have taken it too far by allowing people to chat with famous dead people.

In just over two weeks since its launch, the app called Historical Figures has gained popularity for letting people ‘talk’ to nearly 20,000 notable people from history.

However, people are not happy that the app lets you have conversations with Hitler, his Nazi lieutenants and other dictators. 

The app’s version of Heinrich Himmler, the chief of Nazi Germany’s SS and an architect of the Holocaust, denied that he was responsible despite his well-documented role.

Similarly, in one user’s chat with another high-ranking Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, the app seems to rewrite his role in history, making him appear harmless.

Portrait of Adolph Hitler (Photo by ?? Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images) - 10688149

People are not happy that the app lets you have conversations with Hitler, his Nazi lieutenants and other dictators (Picture: Corbis Historical)

Others pointed out that even Jimmy Savile appears as an option to chat with.

The app, created by a 25-year-old Amazon software engineer, Sidhant Chadda, builds on top of the popular AI software, ChatGPT.

According to the app’s description, ‘you can chat with deceased individuals who have made a significant impact on history from ancient rulers and philosophers, to modern day politicians and artists,’

‘Our A.I. is designed to provide you with a realistic conversation experience, making it feel like you’re really talking to these historical figures,’

Chadda told NBC News that nearly 9,000 people had signed up for the app as of last week.

The app is listed under the ‘Education’ category of the App Store but people have been quick to point out how the conversations could quickly become problematic.

AI chatbots are being used to take the place of lawyers, therapists or even yourself but their biggest drawback is their tendency to give answers out of context.

While the Historical Figures app could be used to make history more interesting to children, sanitised versions of problematic figures merely present an inaccurate version.

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