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Fast and furious Strava users react to dramatic price hike

Strava is an extremely popular fitness app that’s getting a bit more expensive (Credit: Strava)

Strava, the popular fitness subscription platform, has hiked prices without warning for users around the world.

The company’s app is loved by fitness fanatics because of its range of features and cross-platform functionality.

But many are speaking out with concern after the seemingly random price rises that hit just as New Year’s resolutions may be starting to falter. In the UK, it appears the price went up by 15 per cent while other users are having to pay twice what they did before.

‘To be honest I signed up on an offer for £18, and was shocked to see I have paid £47 for the past two years,’ wrote one user on the Strava subreddit.

‘I’m definitely not up for paying any more. Garmin Connect does all I want.’

Strava uses GPS on either your phone or wearable device to help track running, cycling and other sports (Picture:

Strava uses GPS on either your phone or wearable device to help track running, cycling and other sports (Picture:

Another posed an email they received from Strava informing them their subscription would be increased from $59.99 to $99.99 – a 67 per cent increase.

Others took to Twitter to share their grievances.

Strava itself said that ‘price changes will vary depending on region and preferred platform’.

In an update posted to its website, the platform explained: ‘As we continue to invest in your experience, our prices may change to better reflect new features and market conditions. The decision to change our price was not taken lightly and we want to share why this is happening,’

‘Our priority is giving you a unique experience for a holistic view of your active lifestyle. This happens through delivering you value on a daily basis through new features, product updates and services.

‘These additions are made based on your valuable feedback, what we are hearing from the active community and research. 

‘While our subscription price has largely remained constant for the past years, we also take local market conditions into consideration. When costs and plans are adjusted, we’re always working to improve your experience and invest in the value delivered to you on a daily basis. Pricing decisions will continuously be evaluated to ensure we are offering the best value of our growing features to our community.’

Strava has an active community of fitness enthusiasts across the internet (Credit: Strava)

Strava has an active community of fitness enthusiasts across the internet (Credit: Strava)

Not everyone was put off by the price hike, with some users suggesting that the level of service Strava provides is worth it for the added cost.

‘With the current economical state around the world, with the high quality of the app, why is it a surprise that their prices going up?’ One Strava user posted on the subreddit.

‘I pay and will continue paying for it as a support, if it’s too expensive for you, fair enough, stop paying but pls don’t dis and complain about a great app.’

Most of the annoyance seems to stem from Strava’s inability to clearly articulate what the respective price rises are in various regions and why they differ.

‘This ball of spaghetti is such a mess that I don’t even think Strava knows what they’re doing at this point,’ wrote fitness tech blogger DC Rainmaker on his popular blog.

‘In short: For some people, prices will double overnight. For others, it’ll be nothing. Others still yet will split the difference on a wide-ranging scale in between those points.

‘The determining factor? Theoretically a combination of which country you’re in, when exactly you signed up, whether you’re on annual or monthly plans, and finally, exactly what today’s date is, relative to the date of your subscription renewal. I’m not kidding, you can’t make this up.’

The new price plans will go into effect from 2nd of February and the new charges will appear on the Account section of the Strava website .

Strava says it will email people 30 days before their renewal date to alert them of their updated price.

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