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Everything we know about the Silent Hill 2 remake: Trailer, story and more

(Pocket-lint) – Silent Hill is back in a big way – after years of silence on its cultish horror series, Konami made a wave of announcements regarding new projects in the world of Silent Hill in October 2022, including the blockbuster announcement of a Silent Hill 2 remake.

This will see one of the most famous and harrowing horror games of all time return with a totally revitalised look and feel, but the same incredibly twisted and psychologically complex story as ever. Here are all the key details you need to know about the upcoming game.

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Silent Hill 2 remake: Release date

While we got a pretty chunky trailer for Silent Hill 2 when it was announced in October 2022, one thing that didn’t come with it was any form of release date.

This means we’re still in the dark about when Silent Hill 2 will come out. While it’s reportedly been in development for quite a while, we still think that if it was coming somewhat imminently Konami would have included that detail.

That leads us to think that late 2023 is the very earliest that Silent Hill 2 could materialise, with 2024 unfortunately a very real possibility as well.

Silent Hill 2 remake: Trailer

You can view the teaser trailer for Silent Hill 2 right here:

Konami might have called it a teaser (probably because it contains no actual gameplay footage), but the trailer is actually pretty long at three minutes, and contains glimpses of plenty of key moments in teh game’s story, as well as some iconic enemies.

Silent Hill 2 remake: Platforms

Silent Hill 2 is going to be a next-gen experience, but it’ll only be available on one console for at least the first 12 months that it’s out – the PlayStation 5. That means gamers on Xbox Series X or Series S will have to wait at least a year to play it.

The game will also be heading to PC on release day, though, so it’s not a true exclusive, and you can already add it to your Wishlist on Steam if you like.

Silent Hill 2 remake: Story

Because Silent Hill 2 is being remade, you can learn pretty much everything you might want to know about the story it will tell from reading about (or actually playing) the original version, if you like.

We think we’d rather avoid any spoilers for those who’ll be playing through the story for the first time, so we’ll keep it vague.

Silent Hill 2 sees you playing as James Sunderland, a bereaved widower who receives a letter from his dead wife three years after her passing. It beseeches him to visit Silent Hill, a rural town in Maine where they had some shared memories.


He does just that, and upon arriving in Silent Hill things quickly get confusing and twisted, with confusing characters and apparitions plaguing James, along with a slow reckoning with his own psychological torment.

It’s a pretty harrowing time, but also one of the most affecting stories any horror game has ever told, and we’re looking forward to experiencing it without the old-school technical barriers that the original game now involves.

Silent Hill 2 remake: Gameplay

The original Silent Hill 2 was a third-person game, but with camera controls that were more than a little fiddly, because of the hardware and controllers it was running on. That looks set to change in the remade version. Developer Bloober Team has said that it’ll be using a modern over-the-shoulder camera in the remake, like so many games have since.

This apparently also has knock-on effects on the game’s combat system, which is being completely rebuilt to work with this new perspective.


Silent Hill 2 had pretty clunky, clumsy combat, something that worked really nicely with its themes and underlined that James is no action hero, so we’ll be interested to see if Bloober Team has plans to ensure you don’t feel too capable.

The game will be built on Unreal Engine 5, and therefore pack in some really modern graphical whizzbangs, and it’ll also take advantage of the PS5’s unique features. 3D sound will make things even more harrowing, while there will also be a bunch of haptic feedback in key moments to make the controller another immersive tool.

Finally, there will apparently be no loading times once you’re in playing the game thanks to SSD technology – this was something that punctuated the original game all the time, so it’ll be great to explore without any hitches.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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