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Comment: Here’s why the Apple Watch Series 7 is still a notable upgrade for many users

Rumors and leakers created enormous anticipation around Apple Watch Series 7. Multiple reports suggested it would receive a major redesign, improved battery life, and a faster S7 chip that would make people forget about the lack of new sensors.

But during the “California Streaming” event, we discovered that the Apple Watch Series 7 is not at all like the rumors suggested, which led to disappointment for some Apple Watch fans. Here’s why you shouldn’t care that much for this “S” year of the Apple Watch.

A bit of context about update cycles

Before diving into the Apple Watch, let’s talk about iPhone. There are still people upgrading to a new iPhone yearly but most of the customers are now waiting two to three years to get a new phone. This is because Apple can’t change the design, improve its chip, and cameras all at once and every year. It’s been a while since we reached the peak of smartphones, and it’s difficult to go any further every 12 months.

With the Apple Watch, the story is a bit different simply because it’s still a new product. It has over six years of life and only a half of this time Apple discovered what the Apple Watch is all about: health and fitness.

There’s another important piece of data to add: every quarter, Apple says up to 70% of people buying an Apple Watch is a new customer, which means, there’s still plenty of people getting a Watch for the first time.

Even more, people who already have an Apple Watch and want to upgrade to this year’s model have probably the three-years-old Series 4 or older.

Why upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 7 is a big deal?

It’s true, the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t bring new sensors compared to the Apple Watch Series 6 but let’s think about someone with the Series 4 or even the Series 3, which Apple still sells. Here are some of the benefits of this year’s model:

  • Larger display with Always-On technology, 70% brighter when your wrist is down compared to last year’s model;
  • Up to 50% faster chip;
  • Updated ECG sensor, blood oxygen measurement sensor, fall detection;
  • Up to twice the storage, with 32GB on the Wi-Fi model.

These are all amazing improvements for anyone who’s been an owner of the Apple Watch for at least three years.

Now, if you think about new customers, they have more choices than ever. Three different Apple Watches — although I would only recommend Series 7 or SE — three different finishes, with aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, and a lot of new bands.

New customers will also be able to experience a new watchOS system with features prepared to put your well-being in the first place: Focus mode, Mindfulness app, hand washing detection, and much more.

There’s also Apple Fitness+ created specifically for Apple Watch owners and it’s expanding to 15 new regions this year.

Apple Watch Series 7: a solid option for new customers

Now, the question that remains a mystery is: when will Apple release Apple Watch Series 7? With rumors already teasing Apple Watch Series 8 and features for upcoming models, I think Series 7 will be one of the models to keep for a very long time.

With a bigger screen, it’s prepared for new Watch Faces and with all sensors presented in the Series 6, these Apple Watch owners will be able to track their exercises and health on their wrists with no problem.

Did this comment help you change your mind about the Apple Watch Series 7? Are you planning to buy it? And if so, from which model are you coming from? Tell us in the comment section below.


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