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Canalys: Xiaomi lost to Samsung in India in Q4, still on top in full 2022

Canalys is ready with its report on the Indian market for Q4 of last year and the full 2022. This is the first time we saw a decline in shipments in Q4 compared to Q3. Year-on-year the final quarter saw volumes drop by an astonishing 27% and pushed the overall result for the year to a 6% decline compared to 2021.

For the first time in 20 quarters Samsung took the top spot as the biggest smartphone vendor for the first time since 2017, dethroning Xiaomi. However, the latter remains on top for the full 2022 year.

Even though Samsung’s 2022 shipments dropped by 21%, it managed to secure the biggest chunk of the Indian market in Q4 with a 21% share – a 2 percentage point increase year-over-year. vivo increased its sales the most among major vendors – shipments grew 13% to secure a 20% slice of the market and second place.

Canalys: Samsung takes first place in India during Q4, Xiaomi still on top in full 2022

Xiaomi dropped to third in Q4 with a whopping 40% decrease in sales and barely managed to stay ahead of Oppo that saw 10% growth and came just 100,000 units short of Xiaomi’s achievement.

Realme fared even worse in Q4, shipping only a third of what it managed in the same quarter of 2021 and dropping to a rather distant fifth position.

Vendor Q4 2022 shipments (million) Q4 2022 market share Q4 2021 shipments (million) Q4 2021 market share Annual growth
Samsung 6.7 21% 8.5 19% -21%
vivo 6.4 20% 5.6 13% 13%
Xiaomi 5.5 17% 9.0 20% -40%
Oppo 5.5 17% 5.0 11% 9%
Realme 2.7 8% 7.6 17% -65%
Others 5.7 18% 8.5 19% -32%
Total 32.4 100% 44.2 100% -27%

Looking at 2022 as a whole, Xiaomi is still leading the pack with 20% share, but again it lost the most ground – losing over a quarter of its shipments.

Samsung is second, just like it was in 2021, but the difference has dropped from 10M to 1M units shipped. vivo is also much closer in third, its sales staying mostly flat year on year.

Oppo was the only one in the top 5 to record more sales in 2022 than in 2021, helping it overtake sister brand Realme for the fourth spot.

Vendor 2022 shipments (million) 2022 market share 2021 shipments (million) 2021 market share Annual growth
Xiaomi 29.6 20% 40.2 25% -26%
Samsung 28.6 19% 30.1 19% -5%
vivo 25.4 17% 25.8 16% -2%
Oppo 22.6 15% 20.9 13% 8%
Realme 20.9 14% 24.3 15% -14%
Others 24.5 16% 20.2 13% 22%
Total 151.6 100% 161.5 100% -6%

Canalys says Oppo and vivo owe their more positive performance to the more successful operations through the uneventful festive season in India. Their focus on offline channels helped them avoid sharing the fate of the others as e-commerce took the biggest hit.

Analysts argue that 2023 will be a slow-paced year due to the deepening global economic crisis, but in 2024, the Indian market will return to growth.


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