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Best Google Nest deals for Black Friday 2021: What deals can you expect?

(Pocket-lint) – The Black Friday sales throw up plenty of deals and while we see a lot of discounts on Alexa devices, there’s sweeping price cuts on Alexa’s rival, the Google Nest devices.

Google normally cuts prices in its own stores, with those discounts reflected in other retailers, making it a really good time to deck out your smart home with new kit.

Google used to group devices under the Home label, but with Nest moving closer to Google’s devices, the umbrella name has become Google Nest, covering smart displays as well as cameras.

What advantages do Nest devices offer?

Nest now covers a full range of devices. Starting life as a thermostat and then moving to cameras, Google adopted the name and integrated both platforms into one, with Nest now being the name for Google’s smart home devices. Nest covers cameras (indoors and outdoors, wired and battery), video doorbells (wired or battery), thermostats, smoke detector and CO2 detector as well as the Nest Aware subsciption to monitor these devices – as well as Google’s smart displays, known as Nest Hub and speakers. 

All these devices work seamlessly together, with a range of smart technologies. Nest Hub and Nest speakers lean on Google Assistant, with all the smart skills offered there, while the other products in the family are also taking advantage of AI to make them slightly better than some rivals. 

The latest Next Cam models have onboard AI to help identify what’s being seen (without the need to process the data through a cloud server), while Nest Hello will offer to identify who is at your door – and announce them it that person is recognised.

Those are some of the things that make Nest devices worth choosing. 

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday actually falls on 26 November in 2021 and will be followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November.

But the sale season normally runs for longer than this, covering a couple of weeks. Google is normally pretty good at announcing when the deals will run, so you can ensure that you don’t miss the discounts – but keep your eyes open from the middle of November onwards.

Which retailers offer discounts on Google hardware?

The Black Friday discounts are often run on the Google Store, as well as popular retailers, so most electrical outlets will have similar deals on offer.

US Nest retailers

UK Nest retailers

We will be picking out the best deals on Nest devices and we’ve provided links so you can jump to displays, speakers, or smart home devices. Until the sales start, here are the best deals on those Google devices.


Displays | Speakers | Smart Home

Google Nest Hub

Nest Hub is the name for Google’s smart displays. There are currently two models, differing in sizing. The smaller model is now in its second generation, with this latest model offering sleep tracking and designed as a bedside unit.



Google speakers

Google has offered a range of speakers, but the Nest mini and the Nest Audio are the two that currently survive. The mini is ideal for adding Google Assistant to any room, or to get music in a room where you don’t need a huge speaker. The Nest Audio is much more capable, a good sounding speaker that’s really smart too.



Google cameras and smart home devices

There are a number of different cameras in the Nest family, but the latest additions are smarter and offer battery power in some cases, whereas previous cameras were all wired. Currently not all cameras are available in all locations, so check what you’re buying before you spend your money.




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