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‘Ask A Farmer’: New podcast aims to cultivate agriculture education

On Feb. 15., Canada marks Agriculture Day as a day to recognize those who work to produce food for Canadians and around the world.

A new podcast is hoping to inform and engage us about how farmers help consumers put food on the table, and navigate some of the challenges facing consumers in the current age.

It’s called ‘Ask A Farmer’, hosted by executive director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, Clinton Monchuk.

“The Ask a Farmer podcast is exactly that. We want consumers to ask questions about their food. How it’s being produced…different healthy eating habits,” he explained.

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The podcast will invite experts to dive into a variety of topics including food processing, delivery to grocery stores, eating habits, nutrition and food inflation.

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“We have different people we’re interviewing…about nutrition, or inflation, for example, and just giving that opportunity to make sure some of those questions that consumers aren’t too sure they have the answer to…that we’re talking about it in an open dialogue,” Monchuk said.

Monchuk was the master of ceremonies for the Ag Awareness Summit taking place in Saskatoon Wednesday.

Many in the agriculture community are hoping to find solutions during what they describe as a volatile time.

“There’s a lot of things going on both with technology and all sorts of change taking place with AI and autonomy, you also have environmental conditions change,” Colin Angus, one of the speakers at the Ag Awareness Summit, explained.

Former president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Tim McMillan was also a speaker at the summit and appreciates the initiative Monchuk is pursuing with the new podcast.

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“By informing Canadians with that sort of information, it insulates them against things that might not be true that are said about Canadian farmers,” McMillan said.

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Saskatchewan’s minister of agriculture, David Marit, believes there is a divide between the agriculture community and consumers.

“Sometimes there seems to be a disconnect between the ‘Ag’ community and the consumer. And that’s why we’re really…the theme is even focused on that. We’re calling it ‘Forks Up For Canadian Agriculture’. But it’s really important for us to make the connection,” Minister Marit explained.

Monchuk is hoping to bridge the gap in the podcast.

“You can just click on the ask a farmer button and pose a question,” Monchuk said.

Questions can be submitted to the Ask A Farmer site and can be listened to on any podcast streaming platform.

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