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Apple Watch Ultra impresses in durability, Depth app, and battery life testing

The Apple Watch Ultra officially launched to everyone on Friday, and as expected, a number of extreme tests have already emerged. These tests go to incredible lengths to test the durability, fitness features, and more offered by the Apple Watch Ultra. The results are rather impressive…

In one video posted to YouTube by TechRax, the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra is put to the test with a hammer and a drop test. As we’ve detailed in the past, the Apple Watch Ultra features a number of design touches that are specifically there for durability. This includes the new titanium finish, the flat display, the crown guard, and more.

In this test, you can see that Apple is not lying when it touts the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra. The device holds up incredibly well against the hammer test, surviving repeated hits without damaging the display.

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Ultra itself actually turns off and won’t power back on before the display is damaged. This signals some sort of internal damage that occurred despite the sapphire display succumbing to the hammer.

TechRax also puts the Apple Watch Ultra through some drop tests, because no durability test is complete without arbitrary drop tests.

Depth app testing

Meanwhile, a separate test from the YouTuber DC Rainmaker runs the Apple Watch Ultra’s new Depth app and underwater performance through the gauntlet. This video tests the Apple Watch Ultra using a dive chamber, simulating the experience of diving and withstanding the associated pressure changes.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s Depth Gauge can provide real-time measurement of underwater depth down to 40 meters, along with water temperature readings, according to Apple. The Depth app integrates with this to show you real-time data as you descend. The video also shows what happens when you go deeper than that 40-meter limit, with the Depth app showing a warning that you won’t see any data until you return to 40 meters or above.

David Smith’s testing

Last but not least, iOS developer and friend of the site David Smith has also been putting the Apple Watch Ultra through its paces. With his brand new Apple Watch Ultra, Smith instantly took a trip to the Scottish highlands for a hiking trip.

Status report after Day 1 of the Apple Watch Ultra Expedition: this device is amazing, love the huge screen, worked great for tracking and navigation. Still finding my way with the Action button. Did 18 miles of fully tracked workouts with the screen on full…still has 37% left.

Day 2 of the Ultra Expedition. Focused on navigation today, the screen size made map reading very legible. Did 17 miles today all with a live updating topographic map on my wrist, battery ended at 63% remaining. Oh and it was very, very wet.

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