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Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is basically an Apple Watch Series X

Here’s a terribly possible idea that definitely won’t happen: Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series X. Ah yes, Apple’s beloved Roman number 10, back for another round of being called “ecks” as in the later X. There’s an argument to be made for using Apple Watch Series X for the higher-end Series 8 this year.

The case for Apple Watch Series X

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is the logical name for the rumored top-tier version this year. Apple is reportedly ditching the Jony Ive-inspired Edition strategy of selling a better-than-stainless-steel watch with the same guts inside for a higher price. Instead, Apple is expected to repurpose the titanium Apple Watch as the best-in-class-on-paper version this year.

Better screen, new design, same chip. Sound familiar? That’s a lot like the strategy Apple used when it released the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in 2017. Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and went straight to iPhone X (pronounced 10) because it was leaps and bounds more modern than the iPhone 8 (which looked a lot like the iPhone 6). Apple sold the more updated product for a $300 premium.

iPhone 8 versus iPhone X display

Strategically, the Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 8 Pro (or whatever Apple calls the thing) sound very similar. The normal Apple Watch is gets a modest year-over-year update. The more technically impressive version delivers designs that will take more time to be sold for the usual prices and profit margins.

It really does feel like the Apple Watch is having its iPhone X moment.

A reason for Apple Watch Series 8 Pro

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is clunkier and more gadgety. It’s not as elegant as Apple Watch Series 8 Edition, but it’s also not any longer. And while Apple did do well with its iPhone 8 and iPhone X strategy, it backfired a year later with the iPhone XR and iPhone XS naming scheme; that’s when Apple shifted to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. This better communicates that the lower-priced model is the mainstream flagship while the more expensive version just has more stuff.

Best Edition is ceramic Edition

Apple Watch Series 8 and Series X are perfectly fine for this year, but pattern would suggest Apple Watch Series 11 and Series 11 Pro next year. It probably makes the most sense to skip right to the cohesive and clear marketing names from the start. Then again, it’s Apple, so left field names that few see coming are typical.

Regardless, I’m still thinking of this rumored Apple Watch with larger screens and an updated look as the Apple Watch Series X equivalent. What do you think Apple should name its new watches if the tiered strategy is correct? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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