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A recent firmware release from 10ZiG RepurpOSTM Software offers cost-saving Green IT solutions

RepurpOSTM, 10ZiG’s repurposing software, now offers improved and new cost-saving green IT benefits in the recent 16.4 firmware release.

10ZiG are a leading hardware endpoint provider for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud, including NOS™, a 10ZiG Zero Client platform custom-designed for support VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft. What some may also already know is that 10ZiG is a leading software provider for the same. Namely, 10ZiG Manager™, their centralized management software console, free and without license limitations. Also, 10ZiG’s RepurpOS™ Software, more of a best kept secret, which transforms nearly any device to run a purpose-built Linux-based operating system. RepurpOS™ is now center stage, stepping into the limelight with a recent 16.4 Firmware release and related features, offering new and improved cost-saving green IT in today’s energy- and budget- conscious world.

10ZiG RepurpOS™ Software transforms existing hardware devices into a locked down, secure, and integrated virtual endpoint operating system with easy central management, cost savings, and peace of mind for a controlled, zero trust-based working environment. It is thoughtfully developed so that anyone can easily implement the software onto a PC, laptop, or even a third-party Thin Client with no hassle. It not only transforms an existing device to run a purpose-built OS designed for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud consumption, it also includes the 10ZiG Manager™ centralized management software, to deploy and update on its own, ensuring that no one is ever left with complex management issues, juggling outdated brokers, plugins, or security vulnerabilities.

The recent 10ZiG 16.4 firmware release for RepurpOS™ replaces the previous 32-bit version, adding an all-new installer, which can be ran live via USB Mass storage or easily installed onto existing hard drives, including SSD and NVMe support. Running live via USB Drive is useful for PoC and flexible-working scenarios, since removing the Mass Storage simply reverts the hardware back to its original state. In addition, this mode supports hot-desking, where the USB mass storage can be moved from device to device carrying its VDI, DaaS, Cloud, and Security settings on board.

Other updates include laptop support for power saving, trackpads, display hot-plugging, improved Wifi management and more, as well as a new hardware profiler for improved detection, including a much wider array of support for modern chipsets, displays, networking, etc. Also, a debug and logging mechanism has been revamped to assist with hardware troubleshooting, and more.

James Broughton, 10ZiG Sales Director, EMEA, “We’re excited to release the new version of 10ZiG RepurpOS™, which brings many benefits – extending the life of existing assets, extending IT budgets, and adding levels of sustainability to endpoint business strategies. RepurpOS™ allows customers to do more with less, removing regular Windows updates or old, unsupported Linux OS is simple – and managing these devices, even over the internet, is cost-free with 10ZiG Manager™. All this, while automating the administration of the licensing at the same time is a big plus for IT and security teams. RepurpOS™ is ideal for current 10ZiG hardware customers and, also new customers who are just starting out. Both customer types can leverage the feature set of 10ZiG Software from 10ZiG NOS™ and PeakOS™ operating on 10ZiG hardware, as well as RepurpOS™ via PCs, laptops, 3rd party Thin Clients and USB, and managed under a single software suite via 10ZiG Manager™.

For more on RepurpOS™ Repurposing Software and to experience a FREE demo, click > HERE

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