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9to5Mac Don’t-Gift Guide: Obscure Apple products sure to get a reaction from your loved ones

There are plenty of folks out there authoring gift guides of the best Apple products to buy this holiday season. But no one is recommending these gems. We’ve compiled a list of some lesser known Apple products that will truly change the life of the loved one you give them to. Without further a due, let’s dive in.

Apple Pencil Tips | $19.00

Number one on our list is a set of 4 Apple Pencil tips, compatible with both the original and second generation models. If you know someone who frequently breaks their Apple Pencil tip because they’re stabbing them through their iPad, these are an excellent gift. The 4 pack costs $19 and you can be assured of their quality because the product listing is very clear that they are “Made by Apple.”

5W Power Adapter | $19.00

Know someone who’s always asking for an iPhone charger? Get them the best $19 can buy, Apple’s 5W USB-A power adapter. For the same $19 Apple also sells 12W and 20W adapters but those charge way too fast for most people. Even better if they just got a new iPhone, the included USB-C cable isn’t compatible. So make sure to throw in a USB-A to lightning cable.

Link Bracelet Kit | $49.00

If you or a friend with an Apple Watch has been drooling over Apple’s gorgeous and expensive link bracelet, get them Apple’s 6 pack of replacement links. They all interlock with Apple’s advanced connectors that don’t require tools, so yes you’ll be living in the future. The kit is available in two colors and in two sizes, so there are plenty of options to choose from. They’re all priced at $49. Why buy a full Sport Band for $49 when you can buy a few links for the same price?

Mac Pro Wheels Kit | $699.00

Amped up for the Apple Car? Get in on the action early with Apple’s Mac Pro wheels kit. Don’t say Apple hasn’t already shipped some products in the mobility category, because these are their first foray. For a cool $699, you can get your hands on 4 stainless steel Apple-designed wheels. The kit comes with two little bonuses, an installation guide for the burgeoning mechanic and a 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit.

Mac Pro Feet Kit | $299.00

The beautiful stainless steel Mac Pro feet are generously available in a pack of 4 on the Apple Store website. If you know someone who has somehow broken the feet on their Mac Pro or ordered their tower from the get go with wheels, these make a great gift.

Is a loved one of yours balancing a Pro Display XDR on some books? Are you afraid it’s going to fall over and kill them? Then you need to get them the Pro Stand. For $999 you can get a spectacularly beautiful magnetic aluminum stand for the Pro Display XDR.

Apple Afterburner Card | $2000.00

The $2000 Apple-designed afterburner card for the 2019 Mac Pro was made for a very small group of people. But here’s a secret, it makes a great gift for anyone. The afterburner card delivers a huge bump in performance for anyone working on video. It’ll make Mom’s exports of dog videos virtually instant. You can pick up the afterburner on the Apple store website.

Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter | $49.00

Know someone who is trying to hold down their extremely coveted 2013 trash can Mac Pro? Then the Mac Pro security lock adapter is for them. You’ll also need to pick up a Kensington lock to go with the adapter if they don’t already own one.

Thunderbolt 3 Cable | $129.00

Apple’s $39 white thunderbolt 3 cable not cutting it for you? Then check out Apple’s $129 black thunderbolt 3 cable. It’s great for connecting devices together or charging them with a USB-C power brick.

Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter | $17.50

Did you love the Apple lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter? Then the lightning to micro USB adapter is for you. It’s great for charging your lightning devices with old micro USB cables lying around the house.


Please don’t buy ANYONE any of these products. And on the off chance that you know someone with a Mac Pro, ask them first before getting any of the INSANELY overpriced accessories above for it.

If you’re absolutely dead set on getting your friend or family member an obscure Apple accessory, get them the Apple polishing cloth. That is if you can get your hands on one. They’re sold out for weeks at Apple.

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