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10 baby carriers we love

You’ve probably heard of the biggest brands (like Ergobaby and BabyBjörn), but there are tons of baby carrier options for different stages, body types and lifestyles.

1. One and done

Photo: Didymos

The DidyKlick is a great all-purpose carrier from infancy to toddler years (no newborn insert needed). Because it combines the comfort of a woven wrap (the criss-cross X on your back) with the structure of a carrier that buckles at the waist, it’s considered a hybrid. It’s also easy to share with another caregiver, because you tie it to your body each time and don’t have to readjust any straps. $290,

2. Super easy to use 

A photo of a parent in a white shirt wearing a blue Boba X baby carrier with white spots. They are carrying their smiling baby inside.

Photo: Boba

The Boba X is a buckle panel carrier for facing-inward only, but it works from newborn to 45 pounds without adding an insert. $219,

3. Best wrap for newborns

A photo of two parents wearing Beluga Wraps. The parent on the left is wearing a yellow shift and a grey hat. They are carrying their baby in a blue Beluga Wrap. The parent on the right is wearing a black long sleeve top. They are carrying their baby in a maroon Beluga Wrap. They are laughing with one another against an eggshell coloured wall.

Photo: Beluga Baby

Instead of a Moby or Baby K’tan, choose a Beluga Baby wrap in breathable bamboo fabrics, made by a mom in Vancouver. $77-$80,

4. For tiny infants with complex medical needs

A parent in a grey zip-up sweater wearing a black baby wrap. Their baby is inside the wrap, sleeping on their parent's chest.

Photo: Joeyband

This option also works for preemies who are too small to be in a carrier, but need skin-to-skin time. The Joeyband is a “sleep belt” that’s great for when you’re just lounging in bed or sitting on the couch. (But don’t wear it while you, the parent, are asleep.) It’s like wearing your bub inside a stretchy T-shirt. $70,

5. Best ring sling

A photo of a parent in a green shirt, wearing a grey baby sling. They are carrying their child, who is wearing pigtails. They are outside on a green lawn with bushes in the background.

Photo: Heritage Baby Designs

This made-in-Canada linen carrier is lightweight and easy to pack in your stroller or diaper bag, and can work for newborns all the way to toddlers (8 to 35 pounds). Make sure the fabric is just capping your shoulder (not draped all the way to your elbow, and not bunched up near your neck). $125,

6. New this year

A photo of a parent in a blue button up shirt wearing a blue BabyBjörn Harmony baby carrier with their child inside,

Photo: BabyBjörn

The BabyBjörn Harmony, which launched in June, comes in a luxurious, cool mesh fabric. Wear your baby facing in, facing out (when they’re older and have more head control) or on your back. $310,

7. Best for twins

A photo of a parent in a white and pink striped top wearing a twin baby carrier. They have one baby on their chest and another on their back. Both babies are wearing bow headbands.

Photo: TwinGo

Yup, parents of twins or multiples can babywear, too! The TwinGo Lite can also work for two babies or toddlers closer in age. US $211,

8. Great for older babies

A photo of a parent in a white shift and blond hair, wearing a baby carrier on their back. Their baby is inside the carrier. They are in a white room with a window.

Photo: Sakura Bloom

This linen Onbuhimo from Sakura Bloom has leather straps and no waistband. (Back carriers are ideal when you’re pregnant again.) $258,

9. Best meh-dai

A parent wearing a multi-coloured WrapTai baby carrier with their baby inside. They are standing against a light grey curtain.

Photo: Lennylamb

Think of this as a pre-tied wrap. There’s no padding, so it won’t dig into your shoulders or hips. It also has a handy hood for naps on-the-go. U S$167,

10. If you’re planning to travel

A parent in a white shirt and blond hair, wearing a navy blue baby carrier with their baby inside. They are standing on a beach.

Photo: Integra Baby

The Integra Baby quick-dry fabric is lightweight, UVA/UVB sun protective and can be worn at the beach or in in the pool. $165,

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